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Entering the Magical World of Area Rugs

Welcome to my velove site. Today I want to share about rug. For sheer beauty and style; functionality and durability, nothing can match fabulous area rugs. In recent times, area rugs have become all the rage and many people are replacing wall to wall carpeting with wooden floors covered by area rugs in all colors, reversing a trend that began in the 1960s when wood floors were covered up with wall to wall carpeting.

There are many different types of area rugs to choose from. Walking into a store to buy an area rug without knowing the difference could very well have you tied up in knots.

Here then is an introduction to the fascinating and exotic world of area rugs. Mix and match them or use them all by themselves to make a style statement all your very own. Area rugs are versatile and can be used anywhere for any purpose; the only thing you cannot do is use them as flying rugs.

Persian Rugs

These are the top of the line when it comes to area rugs. Still made in Iran and Iraq as they have been for thousands of years, these rugs are intricate in design and extremely colorful. In addition to being used as floor coverings, they are equally stunning when used as wall hangings. Persian rugs come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, colors and designs and are much coveted by collectors everywhere especially by those who deal with antiques.

Oriental Rugs

Similar to Persian rugs and just as much of an old tradition; the main difference is that the design in Oriental area rugs do not depict pictures but are based around different geometric designs. They are also colorful, although they will not use as many colors as Persian rugs. Antique Oriental rugs are prized by collectors and can be either oval, round or rectangular in shape.

Braided Rugs

These rugs are generally oval shaped and are made from rags or materials that have been made into a long rope which is then rolled and sewn until it gets to the desired size. Next to hand quilts, braided area rugs are the only true American art form. Braided area rugs come in all sizes but are predominantly round or oval.

Rag Rugs

These simple rugs can be made by anyone and are made by making several strips of rolled rags and then weaving them together. A classic American art form, rag rugs are usually square or rectangular shaped as opposed to the round or oval shapes of rolled rugs.

Latch Hook Rugs

These rugs were very popular in the 1970s as many people made these rugs for their homes themselves. They came with a pattern and a hook as well as yarn that was hooked and knotted into a backing. This was a relaxing hobby for many people in the 1970s and many of these rugs still exist today. You can still purchase latch hook rug kits in a wide range of sizes in craft stores or if you prefer you can buy the mesh, rug hooks and yarn separately and make your very own design.

Bathroom Rugs

The main feature of a bathroom rug is the rubber backs that make them slip resistant. Bathroom rugs are typically made of water resistant materials and can easily be tossed into the wash. While most people dislike the idea of using carpeting in the bathroom, bathroom rugs make it easy to get out of the tub without slipping on the wet tile floor. They also work well against the sink and make standing in the bathroom more comfortable, especially if you are bare feet in the winter.

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