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Tips to Decide an Area Rug Size

Choosing an area rug that will suit your needs and the needs of your home is a difficult task if you don’t know what size you’re looking for. Check out these simple rules and save yourself and your home from a fashion disaster.

Decorating with rugs should be a simple, fun task that makes your home look beautiful and new, even if that’s the only thing you change. But if you’re unaware of the simple little tips and tricks that make using rugs as décor superb looking you may end up with more of a fashion faux pas on your hands than anything else. One of the biggest mistakes people make when selecting area rugs for their homes is purchasing the wrong size area rug. Here are some ways you can determine what size area rug you need for your home so you can avoid overdoing it or under-doing it.

Dining room—When you’re decorating the dining room, there are simple rules to follow with your rug:

· The legs of your dining chairs should always stay on the area rug. Whether you are seated in the chair or pulling it away from the table to seat yourself or stand up, all four legs should be on the rug at all times.

· Add at least 4 feet to the length of your dining room table and 4 feet to the width.

· You will most likely need an 8 foot wide area rug, but remember, with the additional 4 feet, it could be wider.

In the living room, den or other social room—Where there’s a social room, there’s a need for an area rug and here what’s you need to do to be successful:

· An area rug under a coffee table should be able to easily accommodate all four legs.

· The area rug should be no more than a couple of inches wider and longer than the furniture in its space.

· As an accent piece, there should be a few inches of flooring between the area rug and the furniture, like couches, etc.

Rugs that cover an entire room—Decorating with rugs gets tricky when you decide to use one to cover your entire room. But for the most effective look remember:

· Equal borders are the key to your success. When you lay your area rug out in the room, you should try to have equal amounts of the flooring beneath showing on all four sides where possible.

· In the case of a full room area rug, it’s okay for some permanent furniture to have front legs on and back legs off, as long as it doesn’t make the furniture wobble or make the design seem unbalanced.

· Measure your room and try to be proportionate in your rug selection. If your room is 11’ x 15’ you should not select a rug that is 10’ x 14’. Instead reduce the rug in inches of 2 until you create the look you want. If you start with odd numbers you should end with odd numbers, and the same goes for even numbers.

Remembering, the size of the area rug you choose can make or break your theme in your room so pay attention and pick the size that best suits your needs.

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