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Using Contemporary Rugs In Your Home

If you are shopping around for a great contemporary area rug for your home you’ll notice there are many different styles, patterns, colors, and features now in area rugs than there ever was before. Contemporary area rugs are sometimes very catchy to the eye when you enter the room. So how do you know if it’s for your taste and style? If you aren’t too into the perfection of style but would rather go for something which matches your lifestyle, then contemporary will somehow have to be tied in with your theme of choice.

The contemporary area rugs style is somewhat bold with either its color, pattern, or both. If you are someone who loves prints make sure you aren’t overwhelming your room with too many. For example, if you have a busy wallpaper design on your walls you wouldn’t want to bring in a busy area rug which would make it look like a crazy room. You’re better off starting with basic wall color and then bringing in a great contemporary area rug to be the center of attention and the first thing that grabs everyone’s eyes when they enter.

Of course rugs which are just plain and simple are easier to place in any type of decor. You can also choose one which only has two colors yet a simple pattern to make a bold statement. You may also want to avoid any lighter colored area rugs in a busy area where there will be heavy traffic going through. Try to stay with the greens, reds, or blues rather than beige and white.

The more textures and contrast you have in a rooms design will give you that comfort feeling that it’s an actual living space rather than a sitting area where you feel unwelcome. If possible try to add some manmade or natural materials in your rooms design to give it a great touch. As many homes have wooden floors which are a manmade material you’d want to place a brighter area rug onto its surface to give it more of a texture look. Unlike wooden floors, tile or marble may seem cold and uninviting so you’d want to place a great softer area rug to warm up the space.

When choosing a great area rug make sure you choose a rug which is functional with your lifestyle. You don’t want to purchase an expensive rug which is more prone to getting ruined if you have children or family and friends which visit frequently in a family room or entry of the door. You’d want one which was washable and durable to traffic. Braided area rugs are great for those areas of heavy footed traffic.

Another great idea with area rugs is if you have a larger space which you’re looking to break into a few different little areas such as a seating area and a family entertainment location, choose different area rugs. Make sure that you’re still sticking with the same type of style as in color so it doesn’t throw the rooms design off too much! It will break up the space and make it seem as if it is two rooms instead of one large.

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