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Using Small Rugs to Decorate

Written with love by tukimin

Last post, I wrote about how to decorate with large rugs. And now I want to discuss how using small rugs in your room. When you begin to decorate your home or if you just want to make a simple change a small rug can make a big difference. There are several different ways you can use a small rug to add beauty and comfort to your home.

In the Kitchen

You can use small rugs around the kitchen sink for added comfort and style. While preparing dinner or washing dishes you will be able to provide comfort to your tired feet when you step onto a small braided rug in front of the sink.

In the Bathroom

When you place a small rug in the bathroom you will be able to step out of the bath and not worry about dripping water all over the floor. You won’t need to worry about falling if your feet or the floor is wet. You can also place a small rug in front of the sink so you can find comfort on your feet while you are styling your hair or putting on your makeup. Your bare feet will appreciate the soft texture of an area rug.

At Your Entrance

You may want to place an area rug at the entrance door so you can have your guests wipe their feet before they enter your home. This will save you a lot of time and work in the long run, especially if it is weathering outside. You can even place a small rug at a patio door so you can stop muddy footprints from destroying your clean floors.

In Your Bedroom

You can place a rug at the foot of your bed on the floor so when you wake up you will be able to place your feet on a plush area rug instead of a cold hard floor. You can purchase an extra plush area rug to go in the bedroom.

Anywhere in Your Home

A small area rug will look good anywhere in your home. Use it to keep down mud and dirt on high traffic floors, to keep your feet warm, or to place at the tub or in front of the sink.

You can purchase small rugs in different colors, textures, and styles. Purchase a small Persian rug to make your room look great. You can also find small rugs that are used to coordinate the decor in the room.

A small rug can be easy to find and decorate with without costing you a lot of money.

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