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Decorating With Large Rugs

Large rugs can be used in any area in the house. They were very popular in the early part of the 20th century, until they were replaced by the ubiquitous wall to wall carpeting, which suddenly became much sought after. Recently, decorating with large rugs seems to have regained its lost popularity amongst most decorators. Even those who have wall to wall carpeting are still using large rugs in spaces in their house. Why? Because area rugs look pretty and add a sense of warmth to any home.

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What Size Area Rug Do I Need

Determining the proper size for a room’s area rug can become a bit daunting and takes many factors into consideration. Room and furniture size, style, and personal preference all need to be taken into consideration. Before going out to look for a new area rug, start by taking a few measurements in your space. You will first need the over all dimension of the room you are shopping for. There is no sense in purchasing a rug that will have to curl up at the ends of the wall.

The second group of measurements you will need is the furniture that you intend to place on, around or near your area rug. A key component of good design is proportion. If you have a gargantuan sofa, you do not want to purchase a small rug that will just get lost lying next to the furniture.

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